Leaving primary school :(

* sob* I am so sad that I’m leaving primary school for ever I mean yes we have had bad times and sad times but I’m still going to miss this school 🙁 Tonight we got the end of year 8 Mass and yes it will be emotional and yes my mum and dad will be having a sob and yes again My friends and I will go outside and say goodbye to the year 7 and 8’s and all those other lovey people in this awesome school 🙂


I’m sorry that this post is very depressing for you ( even thought if you might think your tough) OK now I’m going to try and bring back good memory’s from this school ….OK lets see…mm… GOT IT, I remember one time and it was at mission day and I was almost crying because I didn’t get any Toffee apples ( but I got one…that was all sticky and warm?) and another  memory I had was when I was little about seven and it was when it was my first week here and I was already playing with my cool friends that I made ( yes, those friends) 😀 and we were playing horse’s and I remember going up to the rocks and eating pretend plants!


Ah, I love those times but now I’m a year eight and I’m going to collage next year and I will have more awesome fiends and I will have the time of my life  ( Hopefully) the reason why I say . Hopefully. is because I don’t know if I will still be finds with my friends and that would be a really sad for me but I believe that we will still be Friends and that we still will have sleepovers and party’s ( not like drunk party’s) but Like a cool relax party and we still will have a cool snazzy girl gang and nothing can stop that 😀


So That’s my story and I hope you have one and OH just a question , Why are you looking Forward to collage.





WOW I am so excited …do you know why because I am getting my new phone at my year 8 graduation  and I am so excited I can scream with excitement 😀 😀


The reason why I am making a big deal of it is because I can chat to my friends and talk to my parents when I’ve finished swimming and all those handy things I can do on my phone 🙂


I’m very sorry that these paragraphs are very short it’s just I want to get this post over and done with! OK ,now I was coming down stairs and I saw my looking at this phone picture and I said to her ” hey mum what’s that” and she said” your new phone” and I loved it because it was the right size,not to big or not to small…. just perfect 😀


And I’m sorry to say but I sadly don’t know what edition it is and all I know that it is a phone and I’m excited 😀

so I’m just going to show you a picture of the phone i’m getting , BUT I MIGHT BE WRONG… and sorry to say but it’s off Google ( just for fun)



Otaihanga :)

GOOD DAY EVERYONE 😀 I hope that you will enjoy this post and please a comment afterwards 🙂 OK, It all started yesterday when Charissa, Mum and I went to Otaihanga with Zeke to take him for a swim and a walk 😉 it was a very hot day and it felt like I was a Popsicle and I was melting away outside ( even thought there was a slight breeze)


When we got into the car Zeke was on my side and Charissa was in the front 🙁  ( and of course mum was driving) we pulled out of the drive way and Zeke popped  his head out the window and was having a spitting good time because his squishy chubby chops were spraying all over the window and on me 😉 and I’m not being weird or anything but his spit was WARM?


After all that time washing warm spit off me we arrived at Otaihanga. And …… MAN it was crowed everywhere and people were playing  around randomly 😉 they were doing, cricket , badminton, rugby , and  a whole lot more and the best part was I saw my friends form church and from edge youth 😀 they were all playing and talking and seeing who can do the best handstand I saw the Samantha won that round 😉 I hoped out of the car and I saw Jackie but not Kate? anyway she was running towards me and she lifted me up in the air and said hi I said hi back and then I got changed into my tog’s and dived in the river with Zeke who looked like a rat in a sewer because he was so wet and FAT 🙂


When Charissa and I finished skipping rocks we forgot that we brang black tubes to float down the river so I hopped out and got them and I gave Charissa the flat one and I got the pumped one 🙂 hehehe,  Me and Charissa decided to go down further to the river so we got mum and Zeke ,who was running around with  Chihuahua ……..when we got him we walked down to the river and when we arrived it was so deep but warm and I was so please with that 🙂 I jumped in and so did Zeke and he was swimming . MY LITTLE BABY WAS SWIMMING.  anyway I was diving until my foot touched a squishy thing that was moving under my feet and so I jumping up and down trying to get away from not eating my toes and turned out it was a squishy bit of moss and it was moving from the current ( Face pump.)


when I was tired of diving and playing in the water I hopped out and called Zeke and Charissa and headed bakc and mum reckoned it was time to go ,so I said goodbye to my friends and we headed back home and then I crashed 😀









Hello People, now as you all know someone has to win and whoever does gets there names in big letters ( with colour) and I will say that the person is awesome 😀 DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. TAP TAP TAP ( sorry don’t what a drum roll sounds like?) THE WINNER FOR PETRAS QUIZ FOR 2013 IS…….




                              CHARLIEEEE <3






Happy blogging Pettywa




Image: 'you are awesome'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/70285332@N00/3674050796 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘you are awesome’
Found on flickrcc.net


Quiz about ME!

Hello Friends that are reading this 😉 I’m going to have a quiz about me and you have to test your skills to see if you know me that well, and whoever gets the closest score will get there name in big letters on my blog 😀 and I will also say that the person is AWESOME! ….. GOOD LUCK PEPS




1- Delta ( off the voice Australia)


2- Bruno mars


3- Cee lo green




1- Noodles


2- Watermelon


3- Toffee Apples




1- Basketball


2- Tennis


3- Volleyball




1- Factorie


2- Cotton-on


3- Jays jays




1- Spiders


2- Lizards


3- wasps


And that is it so I hope your about to comment because this post isn’t going to last long ….MWAHHH 😉


P.S hope you win!!!



Image: '3/366: "There are years that ask+questions+and+years+that+answer."+~+Zora+Neale+Hurston+~' http://www.flickr.com/photos/10557450@N04/6632470867 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘3/366: “There are years that ask+questions+and+years+that+answer.”+~+Zora+Neale+Hurston+~’
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Do you know what your birth stones are?

Hello people reading this post ,I know that I’m making alot of post about your names and what they mean and what are your birth stones! it’s just I love finding about all the things about you ( sorry if it sounds creepy) 😉 and YES I’m going to say it again , even if you do know your birth stone please read this anyway and …..MAKE A COMMENT…please 😀 I hope you enjoy reading it!


1- Petra White pearl


2- Charlotte– Diamond 


3- Natasha- Topaz


4- Caitlin- Garnet


5- Sahara- Amethyst 


6- Simone- Emerald

Image: 'Any colour you like....'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/7700978@N06/3162764106 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘Any colour you like….’
Found on flickrcc.net



And those are your birth stones THANKS FOR READING 😀 😉 🙂


Names and what they stand for :D

I know alot of names, but I don’t know what they mean 🙁 that is why i’m making this post so if people don’t know that there  names mean they can look at my blog 🙂 so, first i’m going to start with my friends names ( some) and even if you do know what your name mean’s can you please just read this post anyway 😉


1)- Petra- stands for Rock and stone 🙂


2)- Charlotte- Stands for Free woman and strongness!


3)- Natasha- Stands for Born on Christmas day 🙂


4)- Caitlin-  Stands for Pure chaste and it is a Irish origin!


5)- Sahara- Stand for Moon!


6)- Simone-  Stands for Listen intently


7)- Monique- Stands for adviser consular


And those are what your names mean and I got way more friends It’s just I can’t be bothered putting them down all at once!


THANK YOU FOR READING 😀 make sure to comment!



Looking forward to collage?

Hey Guys, as you all know that Charlotte has the same  post as well so go see it., but make sure to read mine too 😉 WOW it just seemed like yesterday that I was a year seven but things have changed i’m off to college next year and I’m really EXCITED 😉 the reason why i’m excited is because all of my friends are going there ( well, some) and I thought that I would be really scared but i’m not because I know that my Friends  are GOOD FRIENDS  and that they will stick up for me and other people 😉


Here are the subjects that i’m doing in January the 1st ….


1- DRAMA 😀


2- Foods.


3- Philosophy and core music.


4- French ( maybe)


5- Digital Technology


6- Outdoor education ( ,o,d,e)


And my spear subject is business studies 😉 WHAT ARE YOUR’S ?




My Questions for you

Hello people, a lot of you are doing all these quizzes and stuff so I decided that I could do one 😉 if that is alright with you? well I hopoe you enjoy it and make sure to comment please 😀 ENJOY


1- What is you favorite drink?


2- Have you had ever had a crazy Experience, if you what is it?


3- What is your favorite food?


4- How many Relatives have you got?


Image: 'questions'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/35880157@N06/4810954845 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘questions’
Found on flickrcc.net


5- What is your favorite animal?


6- Would you prefer to be stranded on a island or on a mountain,if so why?


7- What is your favorite type of lollies?


8- Who are your Best buddy’s?


9- How many  pet’s do you have and what are they?


10- would you change you name ?


11- Would you prefer to have your hair down or up?


Thank you for reading and please make sure to comment!!! 😉


Happy blogging Petra 😉 😀 🙂


Weird Cheese!

Hello People , all of you know pretty much all of my friends love cheese hard out ( it’s just our thing) the reason why I’m writing this post is because I want to tell you the weird and wacky names for cheese 😀

P.S it might be in different languages , if that’s ok.



1- berry goat cheese tarts?


2- stinking bishop 🙁


3- drunken goat cheese 😉


4- Gorgonzola cheese


5- Hog head cheese


6- Munster


7- Stilton ( that piece of cheese can stink your house up for 8 WEEKS !)


8- Yarg


9- Hereford hop


10- Panty’s pawn


Wow, were those strange names or what! I love the name that’s called Drunken goat cheese 😉 anyway I’m sorry this is a short post, but make suer to comment please


Happy blogging Petra 😉 😀 🙂



Image: 'My First Cheddar'  http://www.flickr.com/photos/34912142@N03/5196505113 Found on flickrcc.net

Image: ‘My First Cheddar’
Found on flickrcc.net