My New Puppy

Hi everyone ,On  Tuesday a couple of weeks ago at 4.o clock  I was jumping with excitement after school because I was getting something flown from Auckland to here … A bran new Puppy!! it was a black and White border collie and half golden Retriever Apparently.

When we got in the car my mum was so happy that she was driving and dancing at the same time and it was creeping me out, and it was really embarrassing  seeming that Charlotte and Thomas were there ,the closer we got the more butterfly’s I get , in a good way . We went around the second corner and we parked the car and I dumped my bag on the grass and I was crying up the stairs waiting for a puppy to lick me or something so I went to the grassy patch just outside of the house and I see this back and white ball of fluff curled up in my big sisters lap ( Amber) Charlotte and me were crying with happiness on the grass and the puppy stood up and pounced on my mum’s lap and was licking her face like it was a yummy bone except with eyes, then I pick it up and hugged it until couldn’t breath ( not really ) I was so filled with laughter but I couldn’t it out until this did it, Charlotte kept on  chanting ” My little chubby poo” My little chubby poo”

When it came to night we were exhausted because Zeke kept on howling and howling and we couldn’t get any sleep at all witch was a  pain for the family so my dad decided to go down stairs and help him so he could get to sleep  my Dad was just stroking him softly so he could fall asleep ,I mean he had to leave his 8 brothers and sisters and that’s really hard to conquer something like that I mean I would be frightened if I were him.

I’m so glad that we got a puppy in our family I can’t wait until he’s three weeks old then we can walk him.

p.s  pictures are coming soon.

hope you enjoyed my post :).